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Answer Use ISOS – marked ISOS showing location of X-rays, etc. In addition, separate records should be maintained of welders performance showing number of X-rays, repairs, etc.


Questionnaire and Answer Sheet: LINE PIPE & OCTG 4 管线管&石油专用管

1. Question How is the pneumatic test pressure calculated in ANSI B 31.3? 风力试验压力在ANSI B 31.3是怎么计算的?

Answer 1,5 times. 1,5次

2. Question What depth of a defect in a fitting is considered harmful? 配件上多深的缺陷被认为有害?

Answer According to ANSI B 31.1 any defect smaller min wall thickness: defect > 12.25% t 按照ANSI B 31.1任何小于最小壁厚:缺陷>12.25%壁厚

3. Question Name one of the most common American Material Specifications for fittings. 指出关于配件的一种最普遍的美国材料标准

Answer ANSI B 16.

4. Question What is category D and M according to ANSI B 31.3? 依照ANSI B 31.3,种类D和M是什么?

Answer D = Standard service M = Lethal service D = 标准服务 M =致命服务

5. Question What do you use to measure the profile of the raised face on a flange? 你是用什么来测量法兰上凸面的轮廓?

Answer Roughness meter 粗糙度仪表

Questionnaire Sheet: Line Pipe & OCTG 5 管线管和石油专用管

1. Question Which data must be included in the welding procedure? 在焊接程序中什么数据必须包含?

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A: process type ,groove (joint design , Material Type/Grade , Matl. Thickness ,position of groove, Filler metal type , Pre-heat requirem. , interpass temperature , post-weld heat treatm. requirements , Shielding Gas – or flux type , Amperage , electrical characteristics , techniques of welding


2. Question Which function do have protective and forming gases

A: To prevent matl. from oxidation during welding 答案:在焊接时预防材料氧化

3. Question For what defects are pipes to be checked during final inspection / acceptance? 在最终检验/接收时,管体上什么样的缺陷需要检查?

A: Surface defects internally/externally , dents , staightness ,bevel , wth , OD , ID , out of Roundness , thread damage


4. Question Description of flattening-test. 描述压扁试验

A : refer to LP & OCTG 2 Question 12. 答案:参考LP & OCTG 2问题12

5. Question

Description of flange-test. 描述法兰试验

A : a ring is cut from a tube and a flange is turned over at right angles to the body of the tube by means of a flaring tool and die block 答案:

6. Question What mechanical tests are to be done on pipes? 管子上作什么样的机械性能试验?

A : Tensile Test , Charpy impact , Hardness , DWTT , Guided bend test , Flattening Test 答案:拉伸试验,夏比冲击试验,硬度试验,落锤撕裂试验,导向弯曲试验,压扁试验

7. Question Which specification contains high-tested-line pipe? (5LX) 哪个标准包含high-tested管线管 (5LX)

A: 5LX is an obsolete Standard ! 5L is correct ! 答案:5LX是废除的标准,5L是正确的

8. Question Which specification contains ultra-high-tested-line pipe (5LU) 哪个标准包含ultra-high-tested管线管 (5LU)

A: As above – Standard obsolete ! 5L is correct ! 答案:如上,5L是正确的

9. Question Scope of inspection in 5L and 5LX regarding weld seam (100%) 关于焊缝(100%), 5L里的 检验范围

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A : US , EMI (for ERW/HF) , US , RT , EMI (for SAW)


10. Question US-inspection (calibration) without test piece (plate with specified thickness). 超声检验(校验)无需试块(有规定壁厚金属板)

A : test pipe (same dimension/grade) with artificial defects 答案:有人工缺陷试验管(相同尺寸/钢级)

11. Question What is the use of a penetrometer in connection with X-ray? 与X射线有关的渗透计的作用是什么?

A : To indicate radiographic sensitivity and quality of techniques 答案:指示射线照相灵敏度和技术质量

12. Question 3 (three) steel manufacturing procedures. 3种炼钢程序

A : Basic oxygen , open hearth , electric furnace 答案:基本氧,平炉,电炉

13. Question Mechanical technological values for material testing (yield strength, tensile strength, elongation ... with units) 材料试验的机械性能值(屈服强度,拉伸强度,延伸率…有单位)

A : psi ,MPa , N/ mm2 , % , Fracture toughness : ft-lb , J 答案:psi ,MPa , N/ mm2 , % , 断裂韧度:ft-lb , J

14. Question Which lab-tests require 100% surveillance? 哪种实验室试验需要100%监督?

A : Mechanical properties testing 答案:机械性能试验

15. Question Which defects cannot be detected with Radiographic (X-ray) and why? 那种缺陷不能用射线(X射线)探测出来,为什么?

A : Laminations (no reduction in wth) 答案:迭片结构(壁厚无减少)

16. Question Demarcation / definition of application for DP and magnetic particle inspection. 划分/定义DP和磁粉检验

A : DP can be done on non-magnetic materials , MPI only on ferro-magnetic ones 答案:DP可以施加于无磁性材料,磁粉检验只能施加于铁磁性材料

17. Question What tests have to be made on the welded area (after removal)? 需要在焊接区域(移除后)做什么试验?

A : check of remaining wth 答案:检查保留的壁厚

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18. Question Which pipes may not be used for sour gas operation? (plastic pipes) 什么管子不能用于酸性气体作业?(塑料管)

A : made from steels which are not HIC resistant 答案:由不能抵抗HIC的钢铁做成的管子

19. Question Has each pipe to be checked exposed to water pressure? 每根管子都应做水压试验吗? A : Yes 答案:是的

20. Question Which specifications / details must be given in the impact test report / record? 哪种规范/细则必须列举在冲击实验报告/记录中?

A : Temperature , shear area , single and average values of energy absobed , specimen size , Lateral expansion


Questionnaire and Answer Sheet: LINE PIPE 6


1. Question Name at least two (02) API line pipe standards. 说出至少两个API管线管标准

Answer API 5L, API 5LC, API 5LD

2. Question What is the maximum surface imperfection depth allowable by API? API允许的最深表面缺欠是多少?

Answer 12.5 %

3. Question

What is the difference between a defect and an imperfection/indication? 缺陷和缺欠/指示的不同之处是什么?

Answer Defect: imperfection of sufficient magnitude to warrant rejection of product Imperfection: discontinuity/irregularity in product detected by methods outlined in spec. 缺陷:足够大的构成拒收的缺欠


4. Question What is a ―jointer‖ as referred to by API standards? API标准提到的“接管”是什么?

Answer 2 lengths of pipe coupled or welded together 两根车丝或焊接的管子连在一起

5. Question

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Name the two methods recommended by API for 100% NDE inspection of ERW seams in the pipe mill. 列举API推荐的两种在工厂100%无损检验直缝高频电阻焊管焊缝的方法

Answer EMI, Ultrasonic Testing 电磁检验,超声检验

6. Question Name the two methods recommended by API for 100% NDE inspection of SAW seams in the pipe mill. 列举API推荐的两种在工厂100%无损检验埋弧焊管焊缝的方法

Answer Ultrasonic Insp., Fluoroscopic Insp. 超声检验,荧光检验

7. Question What material properties are determined when an API drop weight test is performed? 落锤试验决定什么物质性能?

Answer Fracture ductility (fracture appearance) 破裂展延性(破裂表现)

8. Question API material grade designations are comprised of an ―X‖ followed by two digits. What do these two digits represent?


Answer Minimum Yield strength x 1000 psi (Example: X42 = YS = 42,000 psi) 最小屈服强度X1000 psi(例如X42 = 屈服强度= 42,000 psi)

9. Question Which API standard covers thread inspection of API 5L tubulars? 哪个API标准包含对API 5L管子螺纹的检验?

Answer API 5B

10. Question API requires all finished pipe be visually examined and free of defects. Describe three types of defects which can be found during visual inspection.


Answer Dents, Straightness, Ovality, Surface

Defects (caused by mechanical impact), Offset of plate edges (welded pipe), Bevel damage 凹坑,直度,椭圆度,表面缺陷(由于机械撞击造成),金属板边缘偏移(焊管),倒角损伤

11. Question How is pipe straightness measured? 管子直度是怎么测量的?

Answer By applying taut string or wire from end to end measuring the greatest deviation 通过在管子两端绷紧绳子或金属丝测量最大的背离。

12. Question Does the coupling length need to be included in determining pipe length?

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