should cellphones be banned in class 

should cellphones be banned in class?

Now, the people using mobile phone became more and more, especially students. As showen in the picture, A girl is talking phone and the teacher is beside her. This kind of phenomenon often happened in the university.

In my opinion, cellphones should be banned in class. Because. the mobile phone will distract our atttention, greatly reduce our efficiency of study. even some student once use csllphonec, they are hard to put into study restartly. But some student will say, cellphones can also help our study. For example, we can find english words and profession term that don't understand in cellphone. In fact it is not, it is more important to listening to teacher's explanation inetead of using cellphone.

So, according to the above, I firely believe that cellphones be banned can bring us more benefits. our grade can also improve gradually.