最新牛津译林版英语8A Unit4 Do it yourself 单元测试卷(A)含答案

8A Unit4 Do it yourself 单元测试卷(A)

班级____________ 姓名__________ 一、词汇检测(10分)

l. Look! There is a big air_______(气球)flying high in the blue sky. 2. Peter was sad because he made a_______ (可怕的) mistake. 3. The doctor_______(建议)me to do more exercise yesterday.

4. He tied(系) himself around a_______(绳索) before climbing up the rocks. 5. I'm too thirsty. Please_______(使充满)the glass with juice for me. 6. Please read these_______(指示) carefully before you start to fix the toy car. 7. This kind of wine is made of_______(葡萄). 8. -Will President Xi_______ this meeting? -No, he is too busy. But Li Keqiang will come. 9. -Can you leave your sister alone at home?

-No, she is_______ to look after herself because she is only four years old. 10. -Is it_______ for us to finish it before this weekend? -No, no one can finish it in such a short time. 二、单项填空(20分)

( ) l. You_______ see a doctor. You've got a bad cold(重感冒). A. will A. talking

B. are going to C. had better D. could B. to talk

C. talk

D. to talking

( ) 2. Max and his online friend had fun_______ on the Internet last night. ( ) 3. He often does everything_______, No one knows what he plans_______. A. himself; do B. himself; to do C. herself; to do D. herself; do ( ) 4. When the movie star_______, the fans cheered. A. reached A. talking

B. arrived B. speaking

C. got

D. past D. telling D. instead of D. pays D. to eat

( ) 5. Students should practice_______ English as often as they can.

C. saying C. instead C. takes C. eats

( ) 6. -Let's go shopping_______ staying at home, shall we? Good idea. A. as well as B. as well A. spends A. eat

B. used B. eating

( ) 7. He likes writing to his penfriends, but it_______ a lot of time. ( ) 8. -Wendy, _______ some cakes if you're hungry.-OK. Thanks. ( ) 9. _______ the salad in the fridge for a while can make it_______ nicer. A. Keeping; taste C. Keep; taste

B. To keep; to taste D. Keeping; to taste

( )10. -Andy, please remember to give my best wishes to your father when you see him.

-Thanks_______. A. I do A. an; a A. do you A. Don't be A. knows Sure, I_______. A. do

B. will

C. don't

D. won't

( )16. She didn't feel_______ last week, but she is_______ now. A. good; much more healthy C. good; healthier

B. well; much healthier D. well; more healthy

B. I will B. a; the

C. I can C. an; /

D. please do D. a; / D. won't you

( )11. Lily is_______ active girl and she is fond of playing_______ volleyball. ( )12. Don't forget to put the book back on the shelf, _______?

B. don't you C. will you' B. Don't B. know

( )13. _______ smoke, dad. It is not allowed(不被允许) here.

C. Not to be D. Be not C. don't know D. isn't know

( )14. Not only the parents but also their child_______ the secret. ( )15. -It's a secret between us. Don't tell others.

( )17. -Shall I tell Mary about it tomorrow? -No, you_______ I told her about it yesterday. A. shouldn't B. mustn't

on_______. A. other A. many

B. others B. few

C. another C. much

D. the other D. little

( )19. Be careful! Try to make as_______ mistakes as you can. ( )20. -Can you join in the dance tomorrow evening? -_______. A. Yes, you can 三、动词填(10分)

l. Tomorrow is Dragon Boat Day. My mother and my grandma_______ (prepare) a big meal for our family now.

2. Tom_______ (cut) his finger(手指) carelessly. Luckily, it was not badly hurt. 3. Look! Some of the students_______ (have) comic books in their hands. 4. Mary_______ (decorate) her bedroom this afternoon, isn't she? 5. These boys kept on_______ (draw) for two hours. 6. Tim, _______ (not play) with the cat. It is too dirty.

7. The coffee tasted so wonderful because mother_______ (mix) it with milk. 8. It is too hard_______ (repair) the broken bike. I sold(卖) it last week.

B. No, of course I can't D. No, I'm afraid not

C. Yes, I'm afraid so

C. needn't

D. wouldn't

( )18. There are many new clothes shops on one side of the street and many old ones

9. Could you please show me how_______ (spell) this word?

10. Never forget_______ (stick) a stamp on the envelope before posting it. 四、完形填空(10分)

While I was waiting to go to college, I saw in a newspaper a teaching job about ten miles something useful, I applied 校长) at Croydon. It was journey-a train to Croydon station, bus ride and then a walk of a quarter of a mile. It was clear that the principal(校长) them on Saturday afternoon.

Before I had time to ask about my salary(工资) , he stood up. "Now," he said, "you'd better meet my wife(妻子). She is the one who really runs this school." ( ) 1. A. buy

B. give C. teach B. reached C. got

D. write D. wrote

( ) 2. A. arrived

( ) 3. A. comfortable B. difficult C. uncomfortable D. short ( ) 4. A. 10-minute B. 10 minute C. 10-minutes D. 10 minutes ( ) 5. A. first ( ) 7. A. bad ( ) 8. A. to ( ) 9. A. like 五、阅读理解(30分)


"Be proud of(骄傲) what you do," my father always told me, "whether you are a boss or a cleaner". When I was 15, I got a summer job in a hospital. I was told that my duties would include cleaning floors. I smiled and remembered dad's words.

My job was the lowest, but it made me feel excited. I saw' it as a challenge(挑战) because it was my first job. I learned to be on time and tried to do everything well. In return, I got respect(尊重) by doctors, nurses and patients(病人). Each morning I imagined(想象) that the dirty dishes would make patients sicker if I were not there to wash them clean. After breakfast, I started cleaning the floors of all patients' rooms and cleaning toilets. I was tired but I wanted to do the job well. People would say, "That young boy really does a good job." That made me happy.

Working in the hospital taught me that being proud of one's job was important. I have swept floors, and I have been a manager. "Be proud of what you do." My father's words influenced(影响) me all my life. And I'm sure dad must be proud of me.

B. last B. him B. and

C. least C. his C. for

D. most D. he D. smiling D. or D. teach D. good

( ) 6. A. himself

B. glad C. short B. practice C. study B. better C. worse

( )10. A. bad

( ) 1. The writer's first job was a_______. A. boss

B. cleaner

C. manager B. Washing dishes. D. Cleaning the floor. B. wasn't tired D. did everything

D. doctor

( ) 2. Which of the following didn't the writer do in the hospital according to the passage? A. Looking after patients. C. Cleaning toilets.

( ) 3. When the writer was in the hospital, he_______. A. made the patients sick C. worked hard

( ) 4. From the passage we know that A. the writer's father always stayed with him B. the father didn't like the writer's first job C. the writer wasn't proud of his first job

D. the father's words encouraged(鼓励)the writer to do everything well ( ) 5. Which is the best title of the passage? A. Smiling with Yourself. C. My First Job

B. My Father

D. Working in the Hospital (B)

Joe was going into his usual bar before lunch when he saw a poorly dressed man fishing in a small pool about five centimeters deep outside it.

Joe stopped and watched the man for a few minutes. He saw that most of the people who passed by him believed he must be quite mad(发疯的).

Joe pitied the man, so after a while he went up to him and said kindly, "Hello, would you like to come into the bar and have a drink with me?"

The fisherman was glad to accept his offer(主动提议). Joe bought him a few drinks and finally said to him, "You've been fishing outside here, haven't you? How many did you catch this morning, if I may ask?"

“You are the eighth,” the fisherman answered happily. ( )6. Before lunch Joe usually had_______. A. a drink at the bar

B.tea at the bar

D. a drink with the fisherman B.Only Joe.

C. dinner at the bar A.Nobody.

( )7. Who took pity on the fisherman?

C. Everyone who passed by him. D. Some of the people who passed by him. ( )8. The poorly dressed man_______. A. must be mad

B. must be hungry D. was not mad at all

C. must be thirsty

( )9.The fisherman pretended(假装) _______.