PPTC自恢复保险丝 JK600系列规格书 

JK16 Series Surface Mount PTC Devices

Performance SpecificationVmax







JK600-150 JK600-160

0.150 0.160

(A) 0.300 0.320

(Vdc) 60 60

Vmax Interrup

t (Vrms) 600 600

3.0 3.0 Imax(A)

Pd Typ. (W) 1.00 1.00

Maximum Time

To Trip Current(A) 1.00 1.00

Time (Sec) 5.00 7.00


Resistance Rimax.



6.00 4.00


12.00 10.00



V max = Maximum operating voltage device can withstand without damage at rated current (Imax). I max = Maximum fault current device can withstand without damage at rated voltage (V max). I hold = Hold Current. Maximum current device will not trip in 25°C still air.

I trip = Trip Current. Minimum current at which the device will always trip in 25°C still air.

Pd = Power dissipation when device is in the tripped state in 25°C still air environment at rated voltage. Ri min/max = Minimum/Maximum device resistance prior to tripping at 25°C. R1max = Maximum device resistance is measured one hour post reflow.

CAUTION : Operation beyond the specified ratings may result in damage and possible arcing and flame.

Environmental SpecificationsTest

Passive aging Humidity aging Thermal shock Resistance to solvent Vibration

Ambient operating conditions : - 40 °C to +85 °C

Maximum surface temperature of the device in the tripped state is 125 °C

Conditions +85°C, 1000 hrs.

+85°C, 85% R.H. , 168 hours+85°C to -40°C, 20 timesMIL-STD-202,Method 215 MIL-STD-202,Method 201

Resistance change ±5% typical ±5% typical ±33% typical No change No change

Agency Approval and Environmental CompliancAgency UL TUV

File Number pendingpending


Standard 2002/95/ECEN14582

Thermal Derating CurveDerating Curves for D600 Series180Percentage of Derated Current160TIME IN SECOND100Average Time-Current Curve

Average Time Current Curves140120100806040200-40-20020406080Temperature (°C)1010.100.511.5CURRENT IN AMPERES22.53D600-150D600-160http:// www.jksemi.com 2016-12-01 版次: c

JK16 Series Surface Mount PTC Devices

Ihold Versus TemperatureModel JK600-150 JK600-160

Maximum ambient operating temperature (Tmao) vs. hold current (Ihold)

-40°C0.233 0.249

-20°C0.206 0.219

0°C 0.178 0.190

25°C 0.150 0.160

40°C 0.124 0.132

50°C 0.110 0.117

60°C 0.096 0.103

70°C 0.083 0.088

85°C 0.062 0.066

Soldering ParametersTP 260 Pre-Heating 1 Minute Min. Soldering 5Sea.MAXGradual Cooling 100 25 TimeWAVE SOLDERING INFORMATIONS

Pre-Heating Zone Soldering Zone Cooling Zone

Max. ramping rate should not exceed 4℃/Sec. Max. solder temperature should not exceed 260℃ Cooling by natural convection in air.

◎Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Physical Dimensions(mm.)AEB DC

A Max. 13.5 13.5

B Max. 12.6 12.6

C Typ. 5.1 5.1

D Min. 4.7 4.7

E Max. 6.0 6.0

Lead Style Kink Kink

Model JK600-150 JK600-160 Materials :


JK600-: Tin-plated copper, 22AWG, Φ0.65mm(0.026 in). Lead Solderability : MIL-STD-202, Method 208E

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JK16 Series Surface Mount PTC Devices

Packaging QuantityJK600- Product Series

150 Hold Current (mA)

RA Rx= Resistance range (Optional)


Resistance bin range within 0.5 ohms

in one lot(Optional)

Reel Q'ty 600

Bag Q'ty 500

Tape & Reel packaging per EIA468-B standard.

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